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Canada Provincial Nominee Program Guide

Each province and territory in Canada, with the exception of Quebec, has their own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) which nominates individuals interested in settling in that particular province for fast-tracked immigration. Each Canadian Provincial Nominee Program has its own criteria, guidelines, as well as province specific "streams" which are individual immigration programs targeting precise demographics of skilled workers, students, and business professionals. This allows each province and territory to attract new immigrants that have the precise skills, work experience, and knowledge required to meet the local labor market needs of their distinct economy.

For detailed information about each of the Canada Provincial Nominee Programs, please visit the province specific immigration pages listed below. If you would like to immigrate to Canada and are open to living in more than one region of the country, our knowledgeable immigration professional can help you determine which province(s) will be most likely to nominate you under their PNP given your education, skill set, and past work experience. The fastest and easiest way to apply for a PNP nomination is through the Canada Express Entry system.

Express Entry PNP

When you create a new Canada Express Entry profile, you can indicate which provinces or territories you are interested in immigrating to. Rather than passively waiting for one of these provinces to send you a "notification of interest", it is possible to directly apply for a nomination under a specific stream. Targeting the optimal PNP stream(s) through Express Entry can significantly increase your chances of being accepted to apply for Canada permanent residency. Receiving an enhanced nomination certificate from a Canada PNP will give you enough points under the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System that you will very likely receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) during the next draw. This is one of the many reasons why people often retain the services of a Canada immigration lawyer when entering the Express Entry pool. An experienced legal professional will be able to match your skills, education, and experience to the ideal Canadian PNP stream, and will even factor in the province's target number of nominations for each category when identifying which ones offer you the best opportunity for success. Our Canadian immigration professional has extensive experience helping people obtain permanent residency in Canada, and can help clients from every country in the world optimize their Express Entry profile to maximize their chances of being accepted.

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Canada Provincial Nominee Program List

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program:
Learn about the BC PNP: British Columbia immigration.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program:
Learn about the AINP: Alberta immigration.

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program:
Learn about the SINP: Saskatchewan immigration.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program:
Learn about the MPNP: Manitoba immigration.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program:
Learn about the OINP: Ontario immigration.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program:
Learn about the NB PNP: New Brunswick immigration.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program:
Learn about the NSNP: Nova Scotia immigration.

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program:
Learn about the PEI PNP: Prince Edward Island immigration.

Newfoundland Provincial Nominee Program:
Learn about the NLPNP: Newfoundland immigration.

Canada PR applications are processed significantly faster when submitted through Express Entry. Traditional applications to become a permanent resident of Canada can take as long as 24 months to be processed. Under Canada Express Entry, however, a Canadian permanent residency application is almost always processed by CIC staff in six months or less.

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How to Get an Express Entry Canada Provincial Nominee Program Nomination

There are two effective methods of applying for a Canada Express Entry Provincial Nominee Program nomination. The first method is for a prospective immigrant to contact a Canada Nominee Program directly and apply for a nomination under the province's Express Entry stream. If he or she is successfully nominated by the Canada PNP, they can then create an Express Entry profile and accept the nomination electronically through their MyCIC account. The second method is to begin by creating an Express Entry profile that shows which provinces and territories the potential immigrant would like to work and live in. If you receive a notification of interest from one of these provinces, you can then apply under their Express Entry stream, and if successful you can then accept the nomination through your MyCIC account.

Does Being Nominated by a Canada PNP Allow You to Work in Canada Immediately?

When a province nominates you for permanent residence, you are not entitled to work in the country unless you also have a valid work permit. Until a prospective immigrant has been issued a Canada Permanent Resident Card (PR Card), he or she cannot work in Canada unless they have obtained legal working status from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Increased Value of PNP Canada Nominations

In November 2016, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) updated the Express Entry ranking system greatly reducing the number of points awarded for arranged employment that includes a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). As a result, Express Entry candidates with LMIA-based employment offers lost up to 550 points on their Express Entry score. A nomination certificate from a Provincial Nominee Program Canada is now by far the most valuable factor when applying for Express Entry immigration to Canada. According to Canadian Express Entry statistics, almost 50% of prospective immigrants who were issued an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency in 2015 had an LMIA supported job offer. With the new updated 2018 Express Entry ranking algorithm, candidates without LMIA job offers may become much more competitive.

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